Overcome Bored Housewife Syndrome


bored housewife

Many women choose to remain as a housewife to take care of their children. Some may have given up lucrative careers. Others turn housewives immediately after leaving school. Whatever said and done, they have to spend time at home. Initially, it may be exciting and very romantic. But in course of time, with children coming along, the responsibilities increase. A routine life sets. One may just get bored as a housewife. How to make life interesting in such a situation?

How to Overcome the Bored Housewife Syndrome?

  • One must avoid following the same routine day-in-day out. A change in household chores helps
  • Try to be an interior decorator. Change the style of the house whenever you feel bored. Set up a theme. Work on it. It will excite you and make you want to innovate things. New decorations add glamor to the house
  • Play games, both indoor and outdoor with your husband and children. This will improve your relationship with them. At the same time you will have something interesting to do
  • Go in for blog writing. Vent your feelings. You can improve your writing skills also
  • Organize regular parties and invite friends over. It is an occasion to socialize and exchange views with others. It is always better to interact with others apart from your immediate family
  • Do not take your husband for granted. Always make an effort to keep the relationship alive and interesting. Maybe an outing with him, away from the regular routine will help. Also getaway from the children for a while. Spend time on yourself and your husband. Relive your romantic days again
  • Exercise and diet. Keep good health. Be energetic. Boredom can get to you and you may feel lethargic. Avoid this. One must be physically and mentally active
  • Go on a trip with your family. Travel refreshes the mind. Let the trip be exotic. Choose a place that interests you
  • Read. Keep abreast with what is happening around the world. The mind does not get stagnated
  • Learn new things. Cook something new or read the latest novel in the market. Keeping in touch with what is happening around you makes you feel part of your surroundings. You will not get lost in drudgery of household chores
  • Communicate frequently with your children. You can learn a lot from them. You remain in touch with the outside world

Being a housewife can also be interesting. One need not get bored of life. One can continue to be innovative and creative. Do not get bogged down with household chores. Have a gala time with your family.


  1. This sounds like it was written by a man. Play games with my kids? They are 17 and 20. I’m lucky to see them poke their heads out of their pig sty rooms, wake up before noon or come down for dinner because they are too busy “raiding” something online. Don’t take my husband for granted?? Try the other way around. I bust my rump playing maid, cook, secretary, nurse and financial analyst 24/7 with no days off and no acknowledgement of what I do yet if it weren’t for me, He would never have finished school or been able to go back into the military because I wouldn’t have been there to take care of everything else he needed for 22 years. Make a new dinner? Try 3 freakin picky eaters. Go on a trip? You payin? Organize regular parties? You payin? Just about the only thing worth a positive mention in this blog is exercise… which everyone should do regardless of job status… that is, if you’re not too run down and depressed to do it in the first place.

  2. I so agree with you Jen! … especially the part about not being taken for granted?! maybe he should try getting a job and actually sticking with it – being the breadwinner for the last 20 years can be frustrating especially when people they tell HIM he’s looking great!!!!

  3. It sounds like you need to sit down with your husband Jen, and have a long talk about your relationship. Communication is key to everything. Some of these ideas are not half bad.
    The reason someone becomes a house wife is to take care of their children and husband, if you are not committed to that (because your life will revolve around them) Then maybe you are just not cut out for it and should get a normal job since your kids are all grown as you say. Maybe you should let your husband take care of the finances, mine does. It is kind of weird for a housewife to do that, especially if the husband is the one working.

    Keep in mind that this is sort of a anti feminist standpoint for me. Yes I am female, yes I am a housewife, and yes I am happy.

  4. I used to be the breadwinner, husband stayed at home with the kids. I did the DIY, the garden, decorating, laundry, cleaning, finances. He looked after the kids, kept them occupied, did the meals and the weekly food shop. Women thought he was amazing and men looked at him like he wasn’t a real man. This and the boredom got to him so we tried both working part time. Funny thing: I took on the weekly shop, half the cooking and obviously half the kiddy care and all the good and not-so-good that goes with it but none of my old duties were shared. He was just either too tired or didn’t see what needed to be done. I respect and appreciate my husband and we had had the chat but nothing changed. Then he got a promotion that meant working 50 hours a week, split shifts that were fully flexible for the employer and only given with one week’s notice. I made another sacrifice and became a full-time housewife. Nobody attributes value to this. “What do you do?” …”Oh, nothing then.” “Lady what lunches.” Hah. Nothing’s further from the truth. The proceeds from our last house (fully paid for by me) paid for half of our current house but to put my name on it would reduce the mortgage my husband could get so I don’t even have legal recognition for the house I helped pay for. It’s a fixer upper so I’ve fully installed a kitchen singlehandedly, I’m laying Gladstone patio, building a fire pit, decorated the house, repaired the render, and started a vegetable patch. And who gets the pat on the back! I get accused of “spending his money and causing him stress, and he doesn’t correct them. Society stinks.

  5. Also, your ideas of trips and parties…that takes money. Are you paying? All the things you mention are, duh…..part of being a mom anyway. You obviously dont know what it means to be broke and bored.


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