Is Recovery From Rape Easy


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No. Rape is an act to be condemned. The trauma that a raped woman undergoes is very severe and she is totally shattered. It is easy to sympathize with her, but difficult to understand what she undergoes. It is not just being raped that matters to a woman, it also the recovery from rape which is very difficult. The healing process takes time. Society has to accept her into the mainstream of life again. She also has to repose faith in man again. Why is recovery so difficult? Let us understand this further.

Why Is Recovery From Rape Difficult?

  • The victim has to cope up with peer pressure. Many may find it difficult to empathize with her. They may be curious about her experience. Some may gossip. Naturally, the victim has to cope up with such pressures along with her personal trauma
  • Her faith in a man is eroded. She may not trust another man. She may be suspicious of his motives
  • She may find it difficult to move around alone or stay alone
  • She is also not sure whether she should disclose the event to her husband or boy friend or her friends. She is not sure how they would react. Whether her husband would be understanding is another issue that arises in her mind
  • Her sexual life also gets affected. The fear caused due to rape can affect her relationship with a man
  • Socializing again becomes difficult. The rape victim has to again force herself to go on a date. She has to be confident to face other people after the event. She might feel inferior in some way
  • Immediate medical attention has to be sought. The victim has to know where to go
  • The victim also gets confused whether to report the matter to the police or not. Most victims prefer justice and would like the rapist behind the bar
  • The victim has to seek support from counseling institutions or from family and friends. She needs to be rehabilitated. Support should be extended to her in the form of understanding, care and affection
  • She suffers from guilt. She is ashamed of what has happened
  • The psychological trauma can persist for many years after the incident, or the effects of the rape may occur later in life. A girl who has been raped in her teens, may have marital problems later on when she gets married

Recovery from rape takes time. The victim has to pull herself up. She has to again build up faith in men and also confidently interact with others. She may be afraid of social rejection. Shame and guilt feelings may take over and she may feel unclean”. Society has to understand and encourage her to overcome her trauma.


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