Is Poverty A Curse For Women



Women need to be financially sound. If they are economically weak, they suffer from a lot of hardships. Exploitation of poor women is rampant all over the world. Even women are forced into prostitution or other activities for monetary gains. Feminists have been advocating financial independence of women and even international organizations have focused on the low economic status of women in general. Obviously, poverty can prove detrimental to women’s progress. Why so?

Why Is Poverty a Curse For Women?

  • A poor woman is unable to meet her basic needs. Abject poverty means she does not have proper shelter to live in, inadequate food and clothes
  • Her dignity is eroded. A woman should be respected in a society. Poverty means insecurities for her
  • She is at the mercy of anti-social elements, who take advantage of such vulnerable women. In poorer nations, economically backward women are exploited by men of dubious backgrounds and are forced into flesh trade to earn their living
  • Overall health of the women also gets affected. She is unable to ensure adequate medical care for herself. Poor nutrition leads to health problems
  • Poverty also means less educational opportunities for women. She cannot afford school. Even basic education may be denied to her. This limits her mental horizon
  • Lack of education means lack of requisite skills for employment. Employment is very essential for a woman, particularly a single woman. Even some married women contribute to the family income
  • In many poorer countries, women are discriminated against and are not permitted to educate themselves. This places them in a vulnerable position economically. When situation demands, they are unable to take up a job due to lack of education. This compels them to take up work where exploitation of women is rampant or they earn money unethically
  • Poverty also means a woman cannot do full justice to motherhood. A poor woman cannot provide her children well. She finds it difficult to meet both ends
  • Economically- backward women are also exposed to violence and other forms of crime
  • Women who have no source of income of their own face domestic violence. They are often thrown out of the house to fend for themselves

Poverty is indeed a curse for woman. A woman, who can sustain herself economically, is in a better position as compared to an illiterate woman, who cannot earn due to lack of requisite skills. A poor woman suffers from a lot of inadequacies and is relegated to an inferior position. Society should focus on the overall upliftment of women.


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