Female Body Piercing


female body piercing

Body piercing has become very trendy, stylish and fashionable. Female body piercing is very extremely varied with multiple studs up, around and inside the ear, or with many types of hoops and rings that are attached to the tongue, eyebrow, nostril, belly button and lips, nipples and navels. You can apply it to almost every part of your body with any kind of jewelry that you like to wear. Body piercing is an ancient body art. However, it has found a whole new fashion dimension in recent times.

Female body piercing will never come to an end, in spite of stiff disapproval from parents or teachers. Teens especially continue to gravitate towards body piercing. There are three basic types of piercing:

Soft Tissue: – These are the most common type of body piercing. Women generally apply it in one part of the body, with the jewelry appearing on opposite side (e.g., an earlobe). At the first step usually different kind of rings are used in piercing, but healed piercing can accommodate any form of jewelry. Minimum measurement:
Head – 20g;
Body – 14g; depending on the piercing method.
Maximum measurement: None thick.

Cartilage: – It includes the nose and the ear above the lobe. Septum piercing is not actually done through the cartilage, but through a small area of skin between the front and back cartilage sections. Minimum measurement:
Nostril and ear – 20g;
Septum – 14g
Maximum measurement: depends on piercing. You can not elongate cartilage piercing.

Surface-to-surface: – This type of body piercing is generally located on the same plane or surface such as the throat. They require extra care and longer healing, often a year or more. You can use a ring or bar in surface-to-surface piercing.
Minimum measurement:
Head – 20g;
Others 16-14g.

Maximum: depends on location and piercing, but usually 14-10g.

You should follow and maintain some basic ground rules in the process of female body piercing. Always pierce your body with a trained professional. Your skin can be affected with the low quality trinkets, so use only high quality jewelry. Always keep away from alcohol and petroleum based products; it can infect your skin. You can change your jewelry but not too frequently.

Regularly clean you’re the pierce part of your body, at three times a day. But don’t use a mouthwash for oral piercing it can be quite dangerous. Do not use soap or other antibacterial agents immediately after body piercing. A normal healthy person should not need antiseptics to care for their piercing. The body’s immune system is perfectly capable of preventing infection for a body piercing.

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