Top 10 Excuses for not Running


I must start running from tomorrow.
Though this seems to be a firm resolution on the face of it, it hardly is. It is a typical lazy excuse, that every runner seeks to come up with whenever, questioned by his kith and kin. In fact, many of us including this writer easily make such resolutions, which are not meant for implementing, anyway. So, decide one fine morning to start running and start in right earnest the moment the decision is made.

What to do, I start but can’t continue.
Well, you are not alone in this regard. This is the attitude problem that most of us face. We start but can’t pursue till the end. I have a small advice to offer you. Maintaining a calendar on your fridge or even on your PC desk will help you a great deal. Look at it regularly. Looking at it regularly helps you both ways. If the tick marks in the calendar are more it will motivate you to run longer distances and improve further. If tick marks are less it will let you down and remind you of your lethargy. It thus motivates you to improve yourself sooner or later.

Sometimes due to monotony, I get stuck and feel like going nowhere.

Don’t worry. This feeling occurs to all the runners at some point of time or other. The best way to beat the monotony is to change the routes of your running as frequently as possible. Once in a while, instead of running through your neighborhood streets or in a nearby park, choose a country path or a hilly terrain. These not only add variety to your experience but actually enhance the output of your running exercise. Cross training also helps you a great deal in driving the boredom out of your running experience.

I do not have enough time. My job involves late night shifts. So can’t run.

You can always squeeze some time out of your busy schedule. You know one thing? There is no ideal time for running. You can run whenever you feel like running. Afternoon (mostly between 3 PM to 4 PM) is the best time for running. You don’t believe? Well, it is true. Research has proved it. It goes against the popular belief that morning hours are best suited for running. So no excuses are allowed regarding the availability of “right time”.

I’d die of heart attack if I run longer distances.

No. Only in rarest of rare instances heart attacks are witnessed. Heart attacks may happen in case of people with some medical predisposition, such as untreated high blood pressure. However, if you develop symptoms such as shortness of breath, tightening of chest and arms especially on the left side, cold sweats and vomiting, immediately contact your physician.

The climate is not congenial, so can’t really run.

No excuses are allowed as there is no ideal climate for running. You can run in all seasons, taking necessary precautions and making necessary preparations regarding clothing, shoes and other accessories.

I am busy with my kids.

Generally mothers tend to come up with this sort of excuses. It is not entirely unjustified though. But then there are alternatives. Don’t worry as l already told you, one good thing about running exercise is that you can run any time during the day, as there is no ideal time for running. Get your husband on board, so that he helps in some of the child caring responsibilities. You can even run few laps while watching your kid playing his soccer game.

I may suffer from cramps and fractures

Over stress injuries such as cramps and fractures rarely occur. These occur mostly when one lacks proper technique. So, excuses such as this shall not deter you from running.

I develop restlessness and fatigue

Restlessness and fatigue are not at all valid reasons, as running leads to long term benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, and actually, adds to your energy levels.

I feel running, for that matter any physical exercise, is mere waste of time.

No. You are entirely wrong. The 30 minutes that you spend for your running makes the rest of your day very eventful. What do you want? Spending 30 minutes early in the day and staying active all through or not spending those 30 minutes and stay dull and inactive for the rest of the day. The choice is yours.


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