Tips that Motivate you to Run


Maintain a Running Log

Maintaining a running log, is the best motivation factor for runners. Simply because you tend to note details like time, date and experiences, during and after you completed your running for the day. This really provides an ample record of your performance and helps in keeping track of your performance on day-to-day basis. If the performance has really improved over a period of time, you will be motivated to set up higher goals. If it hasn’t, it will remind you of the loose ends in your running schedules and gives a good understanding about your deficiencies. So, it is good for you both ways.

Find a Mantra

Pick up a short phrase. It may be the one which surfaces during your conversation with your friends or the one which you come across, while surfing the net or flipping through a magazine. It may be any thing like, “Easy does it” or “Harder, faster, stronger” or “Never give up”. Select the one which suits your personality and temperament, the most. Let the message pop up from your iPod or mp3 player.

Peer Support is a great motivating Factor

Expert coaches advice that fitness friends make a qualitative difference to your running outcome. As far as possible avoid running alone. Always run with a friend. The very feeling that someone out there is waiting for you motivates you to proceed with your running schedule. Involve yourself in friendly chats. Also, having small friendly races encourages healthy competition and goes a long way in pepping up your interest in running.

Cross Training Keeps up your Interest in Running

Taking some time off for Cross training (a physical exercise different from running) helps you a great deal in staying on course. Once in a while taking an off, say a week for every two month period, will help in keeping your interest intact. During this period, ride a bike or go for swimming. This is the best method for retaining your interest in running. Remember, running is too valuable an exercise for you to give a miss to it.

Take it Easy and Make it Slow

As the old adage goes slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush through. Start slowly. Initially run as fast as you can, at a comfortable pace. Stop at the slightest hint of discomfort. Start with a brief five minute daily schedule, slowly build up to fifteen minutes twice a week. Gradual practice automatically leads to a stage where you can go up to thirty and even sixty minute schedules.

Make it Fun

As far as possible involve your kith and kin or friends in your running schedules. This makes running really a pleasurable endeavor.

Vary Routes

If you have time, choose a place or take a round about route with lesser population density and more open space. This, not only rejuvenates you but also enhances your performance in the long run. Ensure that you inform somebody about the changing of the route, if you are running alone.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals goes a long way in nurturing and enhancing the habit of running. Select a race. It may be a marathon or a 10k run or even a 5k run. Aim to participate in it. Practice, keeping it in mind. This motivates you enough to stay on track. make it a point to participate in short distance running races. This is the best motivating factor for a runner to stay focused all the time and never loose interest in running.


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