Tips for Running – Top 7 Tips for Running


Tips for running are very important for beginners. Most of the beginners are overwhelmed with the information which they have got from their intimate ones. So here are the top seven helpful tips for the beginners.

Tips for running
The top 7 tips for runners who are the beginners are detailed below.

  1. Running suit
    It is very important that you have a proper running suit. Most of the runners prefer T-shirt and a short for running. Experts also suggest the same whether it is for an athlete or a normal person whoever starts running.
    But, you need to assure that you are always comfortable in the running suit. If you do not comfortable your running might face some disturbances.
  2. Proper foot wear
    One of the most important thing that is required for running is proper foot wear. You need to select a appropriate foot wear for your running. Make sure that you take help of somebody who suggests you better. If you are not satisfied by your selection then you can take the help of the sales person at the foot wear store. Sales person might suggest you the best one depending on various factors like your size, budget etc. If your foot wear is not of appropriate size then there are chances that you might face a lot of problems. So you are advised to choose a proper running shoes that suits your sport best.
  3. Warm up
    Warm up is very important for every sport, especially running. By doing warm up you can relax your muscles and body. When there is no warm up for body then there are more chances to face problems like cramps, tightening of muscles and knee problems. You need to warm up before and after running to loosen your muscles. It also helps you to reduce your high blood pressure and good blood circulation while running.
  4. Proper posture
    As a beginner you might not know the proper posture for your activity. But make sure that you stand erect(whenever required) while doing some of the stretching and warm up. Body posture becomes prominent when you appear for national levels competitions. At national levels, they set time for runners.
  5. Do not be bothered about pace
    Since you are beginner you are advised not to be bothered about the pace. You need to make yourself comfortable while running. Make sure that you breathe properly while running. As a beginner, you need to get some physical stamina that is required for running. You can gradually increase your running speed once you get used to the regular distance.
  6. Initial stages
    Initial stages you can go for walking for about a week or so. Later on you can start your run with jogging. Once you are used to the distance and you feel comfortable with your running suit and shoes you can start your running.
  7. Stretching
    Stretching is very important when you go for running. Stretching helps to avoid the most of the common injuries that occur in runner’s career.


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