Running and Burning Fat


Several health benefits have been noticed from regular running. Running is the easiest way to burn fat. If you are aiming at weight loss then correct procedure has to be followed.

Running is more effective than walking. Studies have proved that running regularly increases metabolism rate and burns fat more readily than other aerobic exercises. Running transforms your body into a fat burning machine. For the accurate results it is important that you follow the correct procedure. If you keep running continuously to lose weight will be of no use.

What type of running benefits you the most?
Interval or session training, is the most efficient form of running for fat burning. The most effective method for controlling weight is a 4 minute session with alternate workout and resting exercise.

If you are over weight, then a 12 minute session of alternate walking and running will be most efficient to lose those extra pounds. They show the same result for both the session.

Start burning fat with running
If you running for the first time then start with a 12 minute interval training. Start with brisk walk for a minute, next increase your speed and jog for next 1 minute and then slow down your speed and continue to walk for a minute.

For about 12 minutes continue the sequence of intense workout and rest. Simultaneously, you increase the duration of time and repeat the exercise for about 2-3 times a week.

Running burns fat
Most people think that more calories are burnt by walking exercises on tread mill than running. However one must know that, the amount of calories you burn when you run comes from the fat and other nutrient source. But when you walk on treadmill calories are burnt only from fat. As running burns less calories from fat but total number of calories burnt are more thus, results in weight loss.

Is Running the Best Way to Burn Fat
Yes, if you have a few pounds of extra weight or wish to maintain your toned body, running is the best way to burnt fat. However, running can do more harm if you are overweight and increases the risk of damage to your joints due to excessive stress.

Running with other exercise
Combination of exercises such as brisk walking, stationary bicycle, skipping etc, benefits more than just running if you are overweight. If performed for few days a week, you will be more efficient in burning fat and losing weight.

Benefits of Running
Running increases your metabolic rate. It helps to tone your body and balances your fat-muscle ratio.

Running on hard surfaces like concrete leads you to a lot of food problems. However, make sure you run on smooth and even surfaces, feel maximum comfort and buy a good quality of running shoes.

These are some of the benefits of running which makes you healthy and your life better.


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