Lean Running – Tips for Lean Running


The basic idea behind the lean running is to reduce the risk of injuries. Lean running also helps in increasing your running speed.

Tips For Lean Running
The following are a few tips for proper lean running.

Spine should be straight and erect

  • One of the major part of the lean running is that your spine should be erect while running.
  • Lean running goes waste when there is no proper foundation of body posture.

Proper posture for chest

  • It is very important to have a proper posture for your chest while lean running.
  • When you have a proper posture for your chest during running, you lungs gets open up for a proper breathing and by avoiding the risk of breathing problems.

Head up

  • Most of runners look down to ground while running. When you look down you bend your head. There are chances for your spine to be in a bent position if you look down to ground while running. So, it is advisable that you face straight while running.
  • Head up position should be proper that is, it should be like freely suspended body. Make sure that your chin is tucked to your jaws that is, do not open your mouth completely throughout your running.

Spine should be straight and erect while Running

  • A few of the runners bend forward while running. When you bend forward while running, your spine automatically bends. When your spine is bent then your hip also bends.
  • If you have a bent spine while running, your speed becomes slow automatically. So, to avoid these problems you are advised not to bend your hip forward while running.

Swing your arms

  • Do not maintain a rigid posture for your workout while running. When you maintain a rigid posture then you might not be able to run faster. Make sure that your muscles are not tight before running.
  • When there is free movements in your muscles then you might be able to improve your speed gradually while running.
  • It is advisable that you do some of the stretching exercises, warm up and swing your arms so that your muscles are free.

Knee direction

  • Most of the runners, move their knees forward while running which in general is not advisable for lean running.
  • In lean running you should not move your knees in forward and up direction. Make sure that your knees are in contact with the ground with a proper knee direction.

Relaxed ankles

  • Ankle pain is one of the common pain that is occurred to the runners. Ankles are strained as the entire body weight is put on the ankle.
  • Make sure that your feet is always straight while lean running to avoid a few of the common injuries that are occurred in runners career.


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