How to Clean Your Running Shoes/Sneakers?


A pair of running shoes is not just another fashion accessory. Keeping running shoes tidy and in proper shape is not for serving the purpose of fashion. It is a practical necessity.

Fungus and moulds that grow in between the toes of your feet are the primary sources of the smell of running shoes. The fungi and molds grow because, of the sweat and dirt that get accumulated in your shoes. The best way to avoid the smell, caused by these organisms is to wash your running shoes regularly. Dirt and mud, apart form resulting in bad odours, also add to the weight of your shoes.

Measures to be Taken for Proper Maintenance of Your Shoes

You may be apprehensive to clean your running shoes because of the fear that they may get damaged. Here are a few time-tested methods for washing your shoes properly, without damaging:

  1. Spray your shoes with water-proofer to provide the much needed protective covering to your shoes. If you take enough protective measures beforehand, the job of cleaning becomes easier for you because, adequate prior protection makes it difficult for the smudges and mud to settle.
  2. You can also use perfumes to spray your shoes. However, perfumes only mask the odours of your shoes. So, usage of special shoe sprays is recommended.
  3. If none of this works use odour eaters. These are available in any of your neighbouring walmarts.

Recommended Methods For Washing of Your Sneakers

  1. Add a bit of baking soda to your shoes and let your shoes stay just like that overnight. When you wake up in the morning, you will be surprised to notice that your shoes will be devoid of all the odd odours.
  2. Soak your sneakers and insoles in a solution of vinegar (around two cups of vinegar in 8 litres of water) for an hour or so. Put some heavy stuff on them which facilitates deeper immersion. Let your shoes dry. That’s it. As far as possible avoid washing with a machine. Always, wash with hands using a scrub. Then, dry it with a hair dryer and a towel. Do all these in gentle manner.
  3. Picking the correct cleaning powder is the prerequisite for proper cleaning. Use a light detergent for washing your sneakers. Drying your shoes under the Sun can fade and shrink them. Wear the sneakers carefully and take proper care of your feet.

Other Useful Measures for Proper Maintenance of Your Shoes

  1. Always, wear good socks and never go bear foot.Wash your feet properly before and after running.
  2. If you can afford, maintain tow pairs of shoes and use them alternatively.
  3. Spray your feet with foot spray regularly.


  1. If you are tired of cleaning your running shoes better go for a change. Seek the advice of an informed friend in this regard. If you are a minor child take the advice of your parents before throwing up your shoes.
  2. In case of inexpensive shoes, you can go for machine washing. Add OxyClean or any non chlorine additive to the soap to help the process of cleansing. At first, the shoes may seem to tight but gradually they will stretch to proper shape.
  3. Order new insole every now and then for better maintainable of your sneakers.If you have the habit of using tea bags, you can reuse the already used tea bags effectively. Wash and dry them up and stuff a few of them into the toe area of your sneakers and just allow them to be there overnight. No odours are found because tea leaves are the excellent absorbers of moisture.

Warnings and Implications

Bad foot hygiene always, leads to problems such as athlete’s foot.

Most Important Material

The following are some of the most important materials and objectives that you need to keep at your disposal:

  • Baking soda
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Sneakers
  • Money
  • Perfume/shoe spray
  • Socks
  • Foot spray


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