How to Beat Boredom on the Treadmill?


The flowing tips are given for you to avoid boredom while running on the treadmill:

Try something new occasionally
Just like runners, do a kind of cross training to retain the motivation. You guys who run on treadmill should also try doing things, which are different and greatly motivating to you. Just for a change involve yourself with indoor activities which are almost as beneficial as treadmill. For example, you can play table tennis or even basketball in your backyard. Make a come back to your treadmill routine after a week. This helps you a great deal in keeping your motivation high all the time. All these, finally help you in continuing with the habit of running on a treadmill.

Don’t subject yourself to unreasonable strain
Never try to strain yourself too much. Straining too much leads to adverse effects instead of beneficial effects. Remember you are not into a competition. You are just trying to better your cardiovascular and general fitness as a whole.

Set realistic goals
Setting realistic goals is really very important for you. You need to have goals that motivate you. But at the same time those goals have to be realistic. For example, your goals can be like participating in a local marathon race or looking slimmer and having better body figure. Think that initially you take 18 minutes to run distance of one mile on a treadmill, aim higher to run the same distance for 10 minutes. Setting unrealistic goals makes you run at a speed which is beyond your normal abilities. This leads to over striding which puts a great burden on your joints. Setting realistic goals is very vital for not only beating your boredom but also getting most out of your running exercises.

Entertain and treat yourself
You can watch movies while running on a tread mill. But if the images on the TV are distracting your attention and hindering your activity, you can go for a ipod or a mp3 player. If you cross a particular range of speed or finish more distance in lesser time, buy new clothes or shoes. All these will enrich your experience.

Making a fitness friend helps you a great deal
Have a fitness friend or a workout buddy. This will really help you a great deal in tackling the problem of boredom. A good friend enhances the outcome of your running exercise.

Other relevant suggestion to beat boredom of running on the treadmill
The following are few more suggestions that will help you in enhancing your experience:

  • Go for a treadmill which offers some inclination and bend. This makes the process of running a bit more interesting. Walking uphill adds some variety to your experience and outcome. It helps you a great deal in relieving a part of your treadmill boredom.
  • You can’t really read on a treadmill because you are bouncing up and down and you can’t concentrate on two things (e.g. you can’t keep your eyes on the same sentence and you usually end up with a headache) at a time.


  1. my mom bought a treadmill that is motor driven, i still prefer to jog and run the old fashioned way.””`


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