Common Running Injuries – Most common injuries


There are a few common running injuries that might occur during your practise. As a runner you need to be aware of these common injuries as you might face somewhere down the lane in your running career. There are chances to avoid the risk of these common injuries if you have some awareness on them.

Common Running Injuries
There are five most common injuries that occurs in a runner’s career.

Shin splints
Shin splints is usually due to the stress syndrome. Shin splints are of two different types. One is the anterior and the other is posterior. Tendons attach the shin bone to the leg. Only the anterior shin splints are inflamation of tendons on the outer side.

When there is an anterior shin splint then you face a pain on the outer side of the shin bone. This pain might become worse when you start walking or running when you are suffering from the anterior shin splint.

In posterior shin splints, tendons attach the shin bone to the inner side of the leg. You might experience a rigorous pain when you have posterior shin splints. Posterior shin splints causes pain and extends till your feet. Shin splints are usually occured when there are high workouts involving hill running.

Tendonitis occurs when there is an excessive inflammation in tendons. You might experience tendonitis soon after your running. It is important that you treat tendonitis soon after you experience the pain. If you do not treat tendonitis then your situation might turn worse.

When you facing tendonitis you find your tendon starts aching. Most of the times you find tendonitis to occur while getting up early in the morning after a rigorous practice. If you run for a longer distance or run too fast to reach your destination within the time limit then you find tendonitis to occur.

Knee injuries
One of the common problems faced by runners is knee injuries. Knee injuries sometimes might occur due to improper care. When there is no proper usage of knee cap then there are chances of facing knee injuries. The two common injuries that occur to knee are chondromalacia patella and patellar tendonitis.

Fractures occur when you are overstressed due to rigorous practice. When there are cracks in the outer layer of your bone due to over stress then you might have a fracture. Stress fractures occur due to over stress while practicing or training period.

Plantar fascitis
Plantar fascitis occurs at the bottom of your foot. Plantar fascitis is mostly due to the inflammation of plantar fascia. This tendon connects the heel of the foot to the ball of the foot and is very hard. This is similar to the ligament.When you have tight calf muscles there are likely more chances for you to face plantar fascitis.


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