What is an Ideal Marriage


The ideal marriage can be stated in simple words as “love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that”.

The marriage is one of the social, spiritual, or legal union to live together between a man and woman. This is one of oldest institutions prevailing in this world. The act of marriage is considered as a sacred act all over the world. It gives the new couple a social, individual, ethical status in the society. Mostly the marriage is performed by the religious priests. It will be conducted after their consent only, or it would be said as forced marriage. The society has laid down some rules to conduct the marriage when the man and woman reach certain age where they can take their own decisions.

It is sacred act so it will be carried out on specific and auspicious date all over the world and considered as a legal union where family; friends and society stand as witness.

It been ages since the society being conducted the marriage once man and woman reach certain age limit. They should be well matured enough to get the strategic alliance known as marriage. It requires loyalty between them.

The marriage should not be confusing or done with intuition. They should trust on each other. They should break all the barriers to discuss any topics, exchange the views before they take the decision to be partners it will help them to resolve the issues with cool head and it will help them to lead happy life. Marriage should be watered always with respect towards each other to continue the relationship forever. The society has laid down some rules to conduct the marriage where the man and woman should reach certain age. At the this age they would be able to think and take the decisions

The tendency of interest towards opposite gender is common in the adolescent age. However, decision should be taken after considering all the aspects of the life to be partners. If not it may ruin the couple’s life. These are very important as they will make them easy to understand each other at the time of crisis. They should understand the individual needs and attitude. Nowadays age is not the constraint for the couple, until they thrust and know each other.

The ideal marriage is where the man and woman have complete understating about each other. Many parts of the world girls and boys would be given freedom to select their partners. However, in south Asian countries they conduct the arranged marriages.

There is certain clash between the arranged and love marriage. If they trust and depend on each other it is not a topic to be kept in mind. The interference of the parents and social pressure to get arranged marriage is getting less as they want to make boy and girl comfortable before they take the crucial decision. The ideal marriage lays the foundation for the good parenting for the kids.


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