Top 20 Ways to Sleep with a Snoring Partner


sleep snoring partner

A snoring partner can get on your nerves. You need your sleep badly, but end up being awake throughout the night. A restless night can create a bad disposition the next day.. What to do? Divorce does not seem to be the way out for you; after all, you do love him or her. But to tolerate it means sleepless nights. There must be a way out of this impasse.

How to Sleep with a Snoring Partner

  • You can tape the snoring and let the snorer know how he or she snores. At least it will make them conscious of it
  • There are devices to prevent snoring, such as an electronic snore stopper
  • Snoring exercises can be carried out
  • You can use ear plugs made of soft foam
  • You can make use of a white noise generator to avoid the noise
  • Make your day time schedule favorable towards inducing sleep
  • Bedtime should be at a time when you are sleepy, so that it will be that much easier to fall asleep
  • Avoid snacks and caffeine before bedtime
  • Avoid naps during the day
  • Bring about the necessary lifestyle changes that help you to sleep comfortably
  • Be supportive if your partner is taking steps to prevent the snoring. Be understanding of his or her problem
  • He or she can use nasal strips to ensure that the nasal passages are open
  • The snorer can use throat sprays to keep the throat well lubricated. These sprays reduce the vibrations in throat tissue
  • Surgery is another option
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is used to treat snoring
  • Make the partner more aware of the snoring problem by providing him or her with necessary literature
  • Bring the issue to online forums and other support groups to sort out the matter
  • Counseling may help to improve the relationship between you and the snoring partner, and may provide coping mechanisms. You can sleep in separate bedrooms. It would not necessarily affect intimacy. In fact, if you sleep well, you might be in a better mood the next day, and be more congenial toward the snoring partner
  • The partner can go in for the pillar procedure, a simple treatment for which you would need to consult a doctor

Sleep well and harmonize your relationship with your snoring partner. Find the best solution to help him or her get a handle on the problem. You need not have sleepless nights with a snoring partner.


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