10 Simple Single Mom Dating Tips


single mom dating tips

So, you are a single mom and would like to go out with men again. Some simple single mother dating tips will make the task easier for you and help you enjoy your time away from motherhood.

Single Mother Dating Tips

Make Your Own Rules:
You are not accountable to anyone. Do not let others decide for you. The only person who should make the rules for you is YOU. Don’t let even your dating partner force you into something you don’t want to do.

Don’t Feel Guilty:
You have every right to live your life on your own terms. Go out and have fun. You can even be open for casual dating without any intentions of settling down. Don’t get caught in the guilt and ruin your chances of meeting the right one for you.

Do Not Introduce Your Kids:
It is not necessary to introduce your kids to your partner in the initial days of dating. Let the person meet your children only when you feel there is an option for a serious relationship.

Avoid Ex-Talk:
No one likes to listen to the sob stories. Refrain yourself from talking about your ex-partner. Instead, focus on the present and enjoy your date.

Be Honest:
Honesty will help you in the long run. Tell your companion what you want out of the relationship. Be honest about your expectations, your personality, your likes and dislikes. Do not try to be someone else just to please him/her.

Prioritize Things:
It is always good to prioritize things. If your kid’s school play is more important than the date, then be direct about it.

Focus on the Date:
Many single moms make the mistake of being physically present but mentally with the kids. Forget about your children for some time and focus on your date.

Be Practical:
Do not think from your heart. If you think he is not the one for you, break it up early. Also in case your children act nasty with a wonderful guy, discipline them.

Take Time:
Do not become emotionally dependent on someone too soon. Take your time to know the person and also see whether he can get along well with your kids.

Don’t Sacrifice:
Don’t give up a perfectly fine guy for your children. Chances are children will show resistance to the new man initially, but with time they will understand. You need not be a martyr for your kid’s sake.

Go ahead girl, use these single mother dating tips to have some fun!


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