Mozart Music Soothes Preemie Baby


The music of Mozart, the 18th century classical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart helps tiny infants. How?

An Israeli study claims that listening to the music for 30 minutes helps premature babies to make use of lesser energy and grow up fast.

Say the study authors, “within 10 minutes of listening to Mozart music, healthy infants (born prematurely) had a 10 per cent to 13 per cent reduction of their resting energy expenditure. We speculate that this effect of music on resting energy expenditure might explain, part, the improved weight gain that results from this Mozart effect.”

These findings have been published online in Pediatrics and are expected to appear in its January issue.

In the 1990s it was observed that adults who listened to Mozart music performed better on intelligence tests. Since then numerous studies have been conducted including studies on premature infants. It was found that the so called “Mozart effect” decreased the heart rate, lowered the levels of stress hormones and eased distressed behavior among infants. Also, it was observed that babies who happened to be exposed to this type of music showed weight gain and an increase in their oxygen levels.

Dr. Beverly Brozanski, clinical director, neonatal intensive care unit, Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh says that the “developmental inputs, whether music or touch or perhaps something else are very essential for the development of the brain in an infant.

It is universally accepted that music is very therapeutic and can cure many illnesses particularly psychological. In fact, these days many patients listen to music in hospitals to relax while recuperating. It has a soothing effect on the nerves.


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