Important Medicinal Uses of Neem


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Azadirachta indica or neem belongs to the mahogany family. It is found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is said to be full of goodness and people benefits from the various Medicinal Uses of Neem. All the parts of this tree are used for their medicinal properties. From treating skin problems to preventing malaria fever, neem is helpful to us in many ways. It also purifies the air and keeps us healthy. The medicinal uses of neem can be obtained in the form of ointment or capsules.

Natural Home Remedies from Neem
Eczema: The bark of the neem tree is an excellent home remedy for eczema. Boil about 25 gm. mango and neem barks in about a liter water. Allow the vapor to ferment the part affected by eczema. After sometime put some clarified butter on it.

Leprosy: Taking 60 gm. dose of neem tree sap is considered effective in treating leprosy naturally. Massage the body of the person suffering from leprosy with the sap. This should be carried on for about 40 days. You can also take the leaves and grind them with pepper and water and drink this.

Piles: One of the best natural cures for piles is neem. Take 3gm. of inner neem bark and mix it with 6gm. jaggery. Have this every morning to treat piles. For bleeding piles, mix about 4 neem fruits in water and drink it.

Malaria: A decoction made with the leaves of the neem tree is beneficial to treat malarial fever. This bitter infusion acts on the liver in severe cases. Take a dose of about 60 gm.

Dental care: Neem twigs have been used to clean teeth in India since ages. It makes the teeth stronger, alleviates tooth ache, checks bad breath and prevents tooth infections. Neem twig is said to be effective toothbrush because of the germ-killing properties.

Hair care: People suffering from hair loss can try using neem leaves decoction to promote hair growth. This will arrest hair fall and encourage the growth of new hair. Neem oil can also be applied to the scalp and hair. This is a great home remedy for hair loss.

Childbirth: Another important neem medicinal use is during the labor. Administering neem juice to a pregnant woman before the onset of the labor leads to normal uterus contraction. This assist greatly in the childbirth. It also improves bowel movements which helps in the normal delivery. Since it kills the germs, neem can disinfect the passage of the vagina.

Other uses of neem

  • Neem juice is said to combat diabetes.
  • It can be used as a contraceptive.
  • It can prevent fever and cholera.
  • Neem is great for the skin. It can stop acne and pimples. Neem is said to purify blood.
  • It can relieve flatulence.
  • Neem is used to treat small pox.


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