Home Remedies for Hives


Hive is also known as Urticaria and it is a kind of skin rash. It makes the skin look reddish and swollen. Hives on skin is a disorder. It can cause a lot of itchiness and burning. It looks like itchy bumps and can cause allergic reaction. Thus, resulting in making the skin swell. It can occur to any part of the skin and it is very common skin allergy. Sometimes the hives get disappear on their own. People who are having white skin are more prone to get infected by hives.

Natural Cures for Hives:

Calamine Lotion: Apply calamine lotion on the infected area. It will give you relief from constant itching.

Milk of Magnesia: As milk of magnesia acts as a alcalescent solution, it helps in removing the itching sensation quickly. It is one of the most effective natural cure for hives.

Warm Water: Take a container filled with warm water. Add ½ cup of cornstarch and baking soda into the water. Soak the in affected area daily for an hour. It is one of the effective home remedy to cure hives.

Aloe Vera: Apply aloe vera gel on the infected area twice in a day. It will help you to get cured from hives.

Nettle Tea: Mix two tablespoon of nettles into hot water. Add honey to it and squeeze fresh lemon into it. Drink this tea in order to get cured from hives.

Cayenne Pepper: It helps in reducing the swelling and speeds up the healing process. It is the best recommended natural cure for hives.

Ice Pack: In order to get rid from the pain and swelling of the hives, apply ice pack on the infected area

Oatmeal: Take two cups of oatmeal, cornstarch and little water. Make a paste of it. Apply it on the infected area for 15 to 20 minutes daily. It dries the hives.

Peanut Oil: One can apply peanut oil on the infected area in order to get rid from the hives.

Causes of Hives :

  • Medication can lead to hives on skin such as aspirin, ibuprofen and painkillers.
  • Allergies from insect bitten, pollen grains and mold.
  • Cancer, blood disease and gland disease can also cause hives.
  • Exposure to sunlight, heat or cold can also cause skin disorder
  • Stress can also lead to itching hives on skin.


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