Help Me Quit Smoking – How to Quit Smoking Naturally


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Help Me Quit Smoking

Here are some natural ways and food that could help to quit smoking –

Common salt – Whenever you want to smoke then you should put some common salt on the tip of the tongue. The strong taste of salt will kill the smoking desire.

Honey – Honey has been found very useful for quitting smoking. Take small amount of honey daily twice or thrice to reduce the urge to smoke.

Radish – Grate some radish and mix it with two tsp of honey. Take this combination whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This is a good natural way to quit smoking.

Licorice – You can chew licorice to avoid smoking urge. This is a traditional remedy for quitting smoking and it has very great benefits. Licorice which is available in the form of sticks can act as substitute for cigarettes.

Grape juice – Drinking grape juice instantly kills the desire to smoke. This is a beneficial and very effective remedy to quit smoking.

Oatmeal – Have oatmeal daily twice. Most smokers don’t like oatmeal but once you are used to it then you will experience a decrease in the urge to smoke.

Carrots – Carrots have been found very beneficial in reducing the smoking urge. You can take several carrots per day. This will also repair some damage caused due to smoking.

Cabbage leaves – The leaves of cabbage should be mixed with carrots and should be taken as salad . This is also a very good natural way to quit smoking.

Herbs that help to get rid of this habit

Hypnotherapy: A couple of studies were conducted to find out the efficacy of hypnotherapy used to quit smoking. Both of them had positive results about hypnotherapy. The subject undergoes hypnosis in a private session and the mind is tuned in to give up the habit.

Acupuncture: A study conducted on about 141 individuals proved that acupuncture along with the education about the ill effects of smoking is four times more effective than the rest of the techniques. One may require a 20 minute session with the acupuncturist.

Lobelia: It is said that having lobelia, a herb, increases the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter. Dopamine is responsible in producing the feelings of pleasure. This might help people quit smoking. However, it should administrated under strict professional guidance.

St. John’s Wort: This herb is used to treat depression. But studies show that St. John’s wort supplements along with proper counseling has a success rate of about 37.5%. Although it is a safe herb, it is advised to consult a professional before you take this herb.

Other ways that should also help:

  • Always have a positive outlook to the smoking cessation task.
  • Ask your friends and family to support you in this difficult yet beneficial decision.
  • Avoid the company or place which might tempt you to smoke “just one puff”.
  • You might face mood swings or become irritable, try meditation is such a scenario.
  • Meet people who are also trying to quit smoking. Exchanging ideas and tips will benefit all.
  • Count all the good things bout a nicotine-free life.
  • Involve in sports activities and particularly the work which you like. This will keep you busy and will decrease the urge to smoke.
  • You can join a gym to make you body more fitter. With a fit and healthy body you can easily curb the urge the smoke.


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