Gas and Flatulence


Gas and Flatulence is common to many. It is passing of gas, which is quite normal unless it becomes excess. Passing gas at the wrong place and time can be very embarrassing.

Flatulence is a condition where one has excessive stomach or intestinal gas. It can result in bloated feeling and one can belch more often or pass gas more frequently from the rectum.

Lack of proper exercise and improper diet causes it. If one takes a simple diet and changes his or her lifestyle, he or she can combat flatulence. One should be aware that excessive flatulence requires medical attention. It could be symptomatic of other health problems.

Home Remedies for Gas and Flatulence
Below are some of the top home remedies for gas and flatulence –

  • Take charcoal tablets or capsules after a meal, which you feel you should not have had. Do not take them too often as they deprive you of important nutrients that you receive from food
  • A strong cup of peppermint tea
  • A hot water compress placed directly on the abdomen can relieve gas pains
  • 1 teaspoon of antisette liqueur in a cup of warm water. Sip it
  • raw onion sandwich
  • ½ teaspoon of bay leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep, then strain and drink it
  • Mustard seeds and lots of water, Increase the intake of the seeds on a daily basis starting with two on the first day. After you reach the sixth day, consume 12 seeds, and then decrease it, again in a similar fashion. Take the mustard seeds on an empty stomach
  • Add 1 cup of bran and 1 cup of oatmeal to a gallon of water. Let it stand for 24 hours then strain it. Drink a cup of it 15 minutes before each meal to prevent indigestion

Herbal Remedies for Gas and Flatulence
Below are some of the effective herbal remedies for gas and flatulence –

  • Caraway oil relieves fullness & flatulence
  • Angelica is useful in treating spasms & flatulence
  • Fennel is a mild tea given to infants & children to relieve gas & belching
  • Cinnamon oil helps in curing bloating, gas & cramping
  • Dandelion relieves gas
  • Genetian is good for getting rid of bloating & flatulence following fatty meals.
  • Ginger provides relief to irritated stomach & belching
  • Hops is meant for relief of digestive troubles brought on by stress
  • Horsehound tea relieves gas
  • Peppermint is useful for quick relief from trapped gas and belching
  • Turmeric provides relief to stomach irritation

Gas and Flatulence is not only a health problem, but is also a social problem. It cannot be neglected. It needs treatment.


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