Why Women Smokers Puff Off Tensions


women smoking

Smoking among women is gaining popular heights. In the early twentieth century, it was rare phenomenon, but now more women are smoking. The gap between men and women smokers is reducing. Women are coping up with more diseases related to smoking. Changing life styles have resulted in stress and tensions, which are relieved through smoking. What problems are women smokers facing? Let us try to observe this.

Why Women Smoke?

  • Stress is a major reason. Strained personal relationships, too much work at workplace, having to cope up with family and work often force a woman to smoke. It provides relief from day-to day tension
  • Peer group pressures also make women smoke. Many develop the habit at an early age, perhaps at school. They get addicted to smoking and cannot kick off the habit
  • Ill health also causes tension and some prefer to smoke to cope up with these illnesses
  • Cigarette advertisements also portray smoking as causing weight loss. Women who would like to remain slim, prefer not to give up smoking. Also glamorous women are shown smoking. Famous actresses are shown in advertisements enjoying a puff or two. This draws other women towards smoking
  • Many women smoke during pregnancy
  • Women find smoking a way to escape from negative emotions, such as depression
  • Insomnia also forces women to smoke
  • Some women smoke to avoid boredom
  • Some women take to smoking to control their weight
  • It also increases sex appeal. A woman with a cigarette in hand comes across as being sexy

Health Effects of Smoking on Women

  • Many women suffer from lung cancer. Smoking is also a risk factor for other cancers such as the cervix, mouth, pharynx, esophagus, larynx, pancreas, kidney, bladder and stomach. Also linked to some form of leukemia
  • Cause of early death among women
  • Risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Functioning of the lung gets affected. Wheezing and chronic coughing are common. Airways and air sacs in the lungs get damaged
  • Reduced lung growth among teenage girls
  • Smoking also causes peripheral vascular disease (PVD), which results in the hardening and narrowing of major blood vessels in the body system
  • Menopause women are at risk of fractures
  • Complications can develop during pregnancy
  • Harmful chemicals in tobacco can be passed onto the baby through breast milk
  • Leads to infertility
  • It also causes osteoporosis

It is quite evident that women smoke to escape daily tensions, but also have to face the brunt of several diseases. Smoking may provide relief from tensions, but it damages health. Earlier men smoked, but now even women prefer a fag or two. Some are also chain smokers. Despite anti-smoking campaigns, women continue to smoke.


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