Why Prevention Is Best for Arthritis?


Prevention is definitely the best medicine for arthritis. Proper exercise, diet and weight control can help ward off this dreaded disease. Recommended activities include yoga, biking, walking and swimming. These involve fluid motion and along with proper weight control can increase mobility.

Arthritis Prevention

Arthritis Prevention

Arthritis is considered to be leading reason for disability in the United States. One in six people suffers from this disease, which is only expected to increase as the baby boomers reach retirement age. Arthritis affects weight-bearing joints and cartilage. Osteoarthritis can result due to chronic obesity, trauma, inflammation or physical stress.

Right Physical Activity is Important

Certain physically demanding jobs such as manual labor and farming may provide enough exercise during the day. But they may not be the right kind of exercise for arthritis management. Proper activity should keep the joints flexible, while adding strength to the surrounding muscles. Usually, arthritis patients shun exercises as they cause pain. This will only worsen the condition, leading to increased pain and disability. Therefore, right physical activity is important for good health and body flexibility.

Research on Arthritis

A research study has revealed that participants in a program for arthritis, which included exercise and diet, lost weight by around 10 percent. Research also shows that if a patient suffers from osteoarthritis in one knee, and loses weight, he or she is unlikely to contract the disease in the other knee.

Early Detection of Arthritis

Prevention of arthritis also involves early diagnosis and treatment, and avoiding joint injury. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent or lessen disability, deformity and damage. Rheumatoid disease can also be treated more effectively and easily, when diagnosed early. Therefore, maintain good strength and health with proper nutrition and exercise to ward off arthritis.

How to Prevent Arthritis
  • Drink plenty of orange Juice which has antioxidants that prevent arthritis
  • Drink plenty of milk and consume lots of dairy products like cheese and yogurt
  • Maintain an optimum weight by eating sensibly and exercising regularly
  • Use your common sense and do not stress your joints by lifting excess weight, or overstraining while playing sports
  • Quit or avoid smoking to maintain good joint health
  • When at work, do not remain still for prolonged periods of time. Every hour or so, take a break and go for a stroll, or do gentle stretches to stay limber
  • Do not do repetitive motions that place stress on your joints
  • Consume fish oil supplements to prevent arthritis
  • Maintain a good posture while sitting, walking and standing
  • Sleep on a comfortable and firm mattress that supports your joints
  • Drink lots of water every day to keep your joints lubricated and eliminate toxins from the body
  • Get lots of rest and stay relaxed to reduce stress on your body and joints
  • Ensure you wear warm clothes in cold weather to protect your joints
  • If you are feeling stiff and sore, take a hot shower or bath to soothe and relax the tired joints and muscles
  • Practice proven relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to ward off physical and mental stress
  • Consume foods with Vitamin E and Cod liver oil as these nutrients reduce body inflammation
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day as these also minimize inflammation


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