What Is Overactive Immune System


Immune system of our body is a crucial part as it helps in defending our body from various bacterias, viruses and microorganisms.The immune system of our body comprises of antibodies, white blood cells and immune factors which combine a complex network and work together to heal the affected part. This complex system also prevents the body from infections and cancers.

Overactive immune system is the condition of dysfunction of the immune system, this condition is also known as auto immune disease.

Causes Of Overactive Immune System
The causes of overactive immune system include:

  • Involuntary disorders in the internal organs
  • Allergies which are caused due to the imbalance of white blood cells
  • Incapability of the immune components to differentiate between their own body cells and the enemy cells

In the condition of overactive immune system, various condition like multiple sclerosis takes place. It is due to the presence of this condition only that the immune system attacks the myelin sheath, synovial membrane which is located in between the joints. Some other autoimmune conditions which can occur includes psoriasis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia etc.

Symptoms Of Overactive Immune System:
As the body starts attacking it own body tissues and cells so it the part of body which is attack results in multiple symptoms. For example, in case the the immune system attacks the synovial membrane of the joints, so inflammation along with pain will be noticed in the affected part. In advance stages, it will transform into arthritis and these will be seen as the pre-stage arthritis symptoms.


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