Music for Good Health Relieving Stress and Depression


music healthMusic Therapy is an interpersonal process which is used by therapist to help clients to improve or maintain their health. Music brings positive mindset in a person and helps to keep stress and depression at bay. It uses music for good health by making a person more relaxed and free from stress.

Why music should be part of our lives?

  • Music acts as a reducing agent for stress and anxiety.
  • Music brings down blood pressure, boosts immunity, eases muscular tension, lowers the risk of strokes etc. Hence these days many people see music therapy as the way to remain healthy.
  • The processing of music is done in both the hemispheres of the brain. It helps to develop speech and language functions. People with autism spectrum disorder, respond to music very positively and many have shown good musical skills.

How to Choose Relaxation Music?

  • You should choose music which is slower than your heart rate which is 72 beats per minute.
  • Music with repeating patterns is very beneficial.
  • If you need stimulation after your work then you can choose faster music rather than slow music.
  • When your mind is stressed, then you can also choose your favorite old music. This familiarity also brings calmness.
  • Listening to calm forest sound or ocean waves can reduce stress.

How to Listen Music?

  • When you are listening to music then focus on your breathing and make it slower and deeper.
  • Concentrate on the music notes and the silence in between the notes.
  • Take walks when you listen to your favorite music on your ipod. This combines walking, music and imagination. Let the music to go deep in your soul. You immerse in music and let music immerse in you.

How to take “sound bath”?
Play some relaxing music on the stereo and lie in a comfortable position wherever you want but remain near the speakers. You can also wear headphones for more benefits and avoiding distractions.

So its high time that you make music a part of your life and keep stress and depression out of your life.

Relieving Stress and Depression

Music Remedy uses music as a medium to promote wellness and heals many types of disorders that people experience. It brings positive changes in an individual which may be manifested in changes in interpersonal development, physical development, emotional well being etc.

Music has an effect on different parts of the brain which are responsible for stress, high blood pressure, tension etc. Music therapy has lots of benefits and people find that negative symptoms fade away just by listening to the music.

The therapeutic benefits have been known since ancient times. In modern times, music therapy was used during the World Wars for recovery of soldiers in the hospitals. Music remedy has been found to be very effective against emotional trauma.

In the US, the University of Kansas was the first university to offer a degree program in music therapy in 1944.

Benefits of Music Remedy
Alleviate stress and depression – Listening to music alleviates stress and depression and makes us feel comfortable. But remember, you must like the music from inner soul otherwise if you forcibly listen to relaxation music without interest then it will create stress.

How Music Remedy alleviates stress and depression
When we listen to relaxation music then there is an increase in deep breathing due to which our brain gets more oxygen and hence more relaxed. Body also produces more serotonin which combats stress and depression. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which plays an important role in our behavior. When the level of serotonin in the brain goes down then we feel stress and depression.

Changes in breathing and heart rates
Music therapy can bring considerable changes in breath rate and heart rate. This means slower breathing, slower heart rate and more relaxation. Hence it helps to prevent the damaging effects of chronic stress.


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