How does Fast Food cause Obesity – Know Before you Eat


People always look for options wherein the pressure and workload is reduced. This aspect applies amply to the aspect of food too, as people of the present day show more inclination towards food items that are available at ease and are tastier than home food. It is owing to the craze towards western living and the impact of the mammoth advertising strategies of the fast food companies that people have transformed their eating habits completely. The consequence of this scenario is a increased waistband with every bite of fast food. In the sections to follow, reasons as to why your love for fast food needs to reduce are talked about.

It would be meaningful to begin the discussion with the ingredients that are used in fast food. As compared to homemade food, fast food makes use of refined flour, excess amount of sugar, sodium content and worst of all excess oil. Have you ever wondered as to why the fast food joints are able to provide you with your order in no time whereas mom at home takes hours to cook? The answer lies in the simple fact that in fast food joints substances that enhance the cooking process are used. It has been scientifically proved that these substances are very harmful to health and pose serious threats on continuous consumption.

The use of refined flour in fast food increases the energy density of food and adds fat on the body. It is a undesirable scenario, as people have messed up with their eating habits and consequently have spoiled their health. The aspects like acidity, indigestion etc are the side effects of consuming fast food. People know about these facts, but they still manage to overlook these aspects. The chances of problems like cholesterol and other ailments that show up with age are enhanced by following improper food habits. It has also been proved that excessive consumption of fast food results in lowering of BMR of a person and he thereby putting on weight in no time. This leads to problems with bowel habits too.

Always remember, once the system of the body gets irregular, it is very difficult to set it right and this leads to undesirable situations. The easiest solution to have a good figure would be to abstain from improper food habits and show more inclination towards home made food.


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