Insulin Resistance – Reasons and Treatment


When our body is forced to endure too much of stress with irregular physical activity and unhealthy eating habits that result in accumulation of excess amounts of fat, our cells develop insulin resistance. That is, they start to become insensitive to the hormone insulin and do not process the glucose present in the blood resulting in increase in blood sugar. This is a warning sign of development of type 2 diabetes in the future, unless it’s treated and stopped. Here are the reasons and treatment for insulin resistance.

Reasons for Insulin Resistance

  • Foods that are very high in saturated and monounsaturated fats are known to promote the suppression of sensitivity of the cell membrane towards insulin.
  • Excessive stress will result in release of insulin. This over exposure to insulin for prolonged period of time can also increase the cell’s resistance.
  • Over weight, obesity, and in some women, pregnancy are also other reasons.

Treatment for Insulin Resistance

  • The best and guaranteed treatment to get back insulin sensitivity of the cells is to exercise. Physical activity, especially aerobic exercise can promote reversal of resistance by increasing the amount of insulin required by the cells.
  • Losing weight and decreasing the amount of fat accumulated in the body is another way of dealing with the resistance.
  • Controlling diet by taking foods with low glycemic index, including foods that are less likely to easily breakdown into glucose in your diet can help regulate the levels of blood sugar.
  • Drugs such as metformin and exenatide are usually used in the treatment. Though, the results of using these drugs are good enough, exercising is twice as effective in treating the problem.

Preventing the possibility of insulin resistance can be much easier than trying to solve it. Even if you are already diagnosed with it, it’s not too late. You can always start getting your health back with proper exercise and healthy diet.


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