How to Manage Diabetes in Children?


There are many misconceptions regarding diabetes in children such as, difficulty in being able to be as active as their friends, or that being kids they might not be able to manage themselves. But, it is always possible, with more awareness on your side and their side, with a positive and optimistic approach, it is highly likely that your child will be able to live a normal and happy life like everyone else. And here are a few tips how to manage diabetes in children.

Tips on Managing Diabetes in Children

  • Improve Your Awareness of Diabetes – Improving your awareness of diabetes is the first step towards learning how to take care of your child. You can participate in diabetes awareness events that are conducted in your locality, consult your doctor for all the relevant information, or buy informative books.
  • Learn to Administer Insulin and Other Medication – Whether needed or not, learn from the doctor to administer insulin injections to your child. It is also important to find out how much and at which areas of the body it is best to inject insulin. Also, have thorough knowledge of any other medication that are prescribed for your child.
  • Teach Your Child to Take Care of Themselves – Let your child learn to manage diabetes by themselves. You should make sure your child knows what to do when an urgent situation comes and they need to be able to administer insulin on their own when they are old enough to do that.
  • Keep Others Informed About Your Child – Teachers, friends, and others who are more likely to be spending time with your child should be informed about your child’s diabetes, the kind of foods that should be given to them, or what to do in emergency situations.
  • Encourage Your Child to be Physically Active – Being physically active should be part of your child’s life. Not just because of the need for physical fitness, but also because your child needs to have fun through games and sports. There might be times when your child will find it difficult to be active, but, try to keep them in positive mood and encourage them.
  • Take Care of Their Diet – Taking proper diet is part of managing diabetes. Encourage your child to take healthy foods that are not too sugary to jeopardize their blood sugar. Make them understand rather than forcing them into diet plan. If they refuse to stick to the diet, try to make healthy food fun with new recipes or colorful decoration.

Sometimes, it can be hard to convince a child to follow healthy ways that might seem less indulging and zero fun, which makes it difficult to manage diabetes in children but, there is nothing to be worried about, and you can always find innovative ways of doing it.


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