Everything You Should Know About Diabetes and Heart


Diabetes is called an acquired metabolic disease for no less obvious reason than the fact that sedentary and irregular lifestyle are the causes. Diabetes and heart related diseases have become increasingly common owing to just this one reason, which makes it essential to improve awareness regarding both and to understand the ways to prevent these complications and manage diabetes. Read on to find out more about diabetes and heart and the relation between them.

What is the relation between heart and diabetes?

Blood is the biggest and most crucial circulatory system in our body. It transports almost all the nutrients our body needs and all the wastes that need to purged, and heart is the only organ that is capable of taking care of this circulation process. Diabetes, as such, has a huge impact on the composition of the blood considering how the glucose levels are prone to fluctuate.

  • The change in the composition of blood because of uncontrolled and high levels of blood sugar makes the walls of blood vessels rigid and inflexible. This puts extra pressure on the heart while pumping the blood.
  • This rigidity in the blood vessels can cause ruptures and injuries when they are required to expand or contract. These ruptures can result in blood clots inside the blood vessels, and if big enough these clots can block the blood supply.
  • The rigidity of the blood vessels can also cause the cholesterol plaque to accumulate, which is another reason for blockage.

What are the precautions you can take to for heart complications?

Whether you are afraid of the possibility of heart complications or are already diagnosed with any one of them, you need to start taking care of your physical health.

  • Get more physically active. Include any form of physical activity, especially any cardiovascular exercises. This will not only control your blood sugar levels but your cholesterol levels and your over all health.
  • Never neglect taking your medicine in the right times.
  • Eat healthy fiber rich food that is good in HDL and low in LDL. Avoid deep fried and junk foods.
  • Stop smoking and decrease the amount of alcohol consumption to moderate and minimum.
  • You should also make it a point to refrain from any thing that increases your stress levels, both physically and mentally. You can declutter and organize your life for a better and worry-free life.

Including regular exercise in your daily routine, taking care of your food habits, and having an active and healthy lifestyle are the only defenses there are against diabetes and heart diseases.


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