Diabetes and Hyperglycemia – Causes, Management, and Treatment


A sedentary lifestyle, erratic eating habits and physical activity, stress and all those consequences of this new age life have resulted in increased incidence of diabetes and hyperglycemia or abnormally high blood sugar levels which is a symptom of diabetes, has become one of the causes for health complications in many adults. To avoid these complications it is important to control the situation and improve health and fitness. Here are the causes, tips on management, and treatment of diabetes and hyperglycemia.

What causes hyperglycemia?

Hyperglycemia in diabetics is the increased glucose levels in their blood owing to the fact that they are either insulin deficient or the cells in their body have grown resistant to insulin. Here are the causes of hyperglycemia.

  • Lack of control of diet and not increasing the amount of insulin present in the body to process the glucose present in the blood will result in increased blood sugar levels.
  • Certain illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, infections, and surgeries that put a lot of stress on the body also cause a temporary increase in the blood glucose levels.
  • Also anticipations and strong emotions cause release of glucose into blood so that you will be provided with energy to act. But, suppressing these emotions and not doing anything physically active will result in the glucose not being used by the cells and thus increase in sugar levels.

How to manage hyperglycemia in diabetics?

Managing hyperglycemia is easy enough if you follow strict guidelines and stick to your diabetes management plan. This takes some sheer will because it’s sometimes tempting to steer off your routine once you start feeling good. But, remember that keeping yourself healthy and fit is something that is more important than anything else.

  • Make sure you are taking medication regularly at right times as prescribed by your doctor without fail.
  • Monitor your glucose levels regularly and keep track of what and how much you are eating.
  • Do not neglect treating yourself or consulting a doctor when you find your blood glucose at critical levels.
  • Include a regular physical activity that you will be motivated to do everyday or at least three days per week so that your body receives all the exercise it needs to work properly and to help it develop capacity to cope with diabetes.

How is hyperglycemia treated?

To treat hyperglycemia is to bring down the blood sugar levels and also to treat the cause, in this case diabetes, by starting to manage it and taking medications regularly.

By making a few lifestyle changes, modifications in your diet to include healthier food choices, and regular physical activity that will make your body work, you can control your diabetes and hyperglycemia will not even be a problem to you.


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