Benefits and Risks of Insulin Pump Therapy


An insulin pump is an automated device used to administer insulin, usually at the waist, continuously. Insulin pump therapy has become very common among type 1 diabetics owing to ease of use. However, it is also required to be well informed regarding the usage of insulin pump depending on glucose levels in blood. Here are the benefits and risks of using insulin pump therapy.

Benefits of Insulin Pump Therapy

Using insulin pump for administering insulin has many benefits when compared to manual administration through injections because of the automatic and continuous supply.

  • The supply of insulin is continuous and can be controlled according to your needs on the panel.
  • Eliminates the need of taking injections every time you need to administer a dose of insulin.
  • No need to worry about strict control of meals as insulin supply is usually continuous.
  • With regular administration of insulin and easier control of blood sugar the possibility of most of the diabetic complications because of high blood sugars like diabetic ketoacidosis and neuropathy can be significantly decreased.
  • It gives freedom from having to use needles often.

Risks of Insulin Pump Therapy

Keeping aside the benefits, there are also a few risks of using insulin pump depending on individual interest in following up with the treatment. The possible risks are:

  • Some people might find wearing insulin pump all the time a very uncomfortable thing compared to injecting insulin when needed.
  • The expense of insulin pump equipment is comparatively more than what is needed for insulin injections.
  • If frequently not changed, the site of insulin administration (where the cannula is inserted) can get infected.
  • It might not be possible to participate in vigorous sports wearing an insulin pump.

If you are not sure whether to use insulin pump therapy or not you can contact your physician and discuss the pros and cons depending on your situation.


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