6 Ways to Manage Diabetes and Avoid Complications


The key to effectively manage diabetes and to avoid diabetic complications is to take care of your physical fitness by exercising regularly and to take care of your blood sugar levels through proper medication and dietary habits. You should work on both short term and long term goals of diabetes treatment in order to get more permanent and long lasting benefits. Here are a few ways you can manage diabetes and avoid complications.

  • Keep Track of Your Sugar Levels Regularly – Having your blood and urine sugar levels at normal is of utmost importance for efficient treatment of diabetes. Everyday check your sugar levels at regularly so that you will be well informed how much to eat and how much medication is required.
  • Stay Fit and Healthy – Get yourself involved in some form of physical activity everyday. Be it sports, or exercising, or some fun activity with your friends and family. Always keep in mind your goal to maintain healthy weight, BMI, and to keep your body strong and healthy.
  • Comply with the Treatment – Do not in any situation neglect your treatment. Yes, it can often be frustrating having to depend on medication now and then. But remember that by keeping yourself fit and healthy, and taking medication regularly will help to manage diabetes in the long run, decrease dependency on medicine.
  • Stick to Your Diet Plan – Having a good diet plan and sticking to it is an important part of managing diabetes. A diet that is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and all other important nutrients, and which does not include sugary or starchy substances will help you keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • Participate in Group Activities – Gather some of your friends who are diabetics as well and together organize diabetic group activities that are fun, informative, and will give you a boost in confidence and motivation. You can also join already existing diabetes communities and participate in their events.
  • Have More Happy Family Times – As much as your family needs you, you need your family too because they provide you with all the support and cooperation you need. Besides, spending time with your family, going out with them, playing with your kids will give you a positive sense of well-being and helps to manage diabetes

Diabetes, or any other disease for that matter, should never stop you from leading a life that is happy and fulfilling. Deciding to manage diabetes is the first step towards having such a life and it will also help you avoid any health complications that might arise because of lack of proper care.


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