6 Ways of Protecting Your Diabetic Heart


diabetic heart

Are you diagnosed with a heart problem because of bad control of diabetes? Well, a diabetic heart is not hard to take care of as long as you follow your diet and fitness plans regularly, and manage your blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol. Here are six ways in which you can protect and take care of your diabetic heart.

  • Watch Out What You Eat – A proper diet leads to a healthy body and thus a healthy heart. Make a diet plan to include foods that are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats and sugary or starchy substances
  • Monitor Your Blood Sugar and Pressure – Keeping track of your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly helps you understand how to take care of yourself. This will also give you a general idea about how far you have come in managing your diabetes and keeping your heart healthy
  • Improve Your Fitness Progressively – Make a fitness plan for yourself to work on everyday for your diabetes and heart. Do not start off doing vigorous exercises right away because it puts too much pressure on your heart to provide you with extra oxygen while you work out that much all of a sudden. Besides, it can also make you hypoglycemic, which should be absolutely avoided. Increase the amount of exercise you do progressively keeping your body’s ability to process the amount of glucose needed and the capacity of your heart in mind
  • Happy Heart is Healthy Heart – All the negative emotions, such as anger, tension, nervousness, and too much anxiety, are dangerous because they result in secretion of adrenalin in your body. Adrenalin is a hormone that triggers two processes required for crisis management in the body: one is, releasing the stored glucose in to blood so that you will be supplied with enough energy to act on your emotions, and, two, it increases the heart rate to provide you with all this glucose and oxygen. And these two actions are bad for diabetes and heart
  • Purge the Negativity, Let In the Positivity – Yes, let go of the negativity and let in the positivity. Life can be difficult at times, but, that shouldn’t stop you from looking at the bright side. A positive life enhances your quality of living by keeping you motivated to stay healthy and active
  • De-clutter Your Life – Start organizing your daily activities to make your life clutter-free. Keep your work at your office, and spend some time everyday for your physical activity and some time for family and friends. Though it might seem unrelated, having a life that is hassle-free can improve your health and your sense of well-being

Having a positive outlook towards treatment, physical fitness, and mental health is the key to having a healthy and happy diabetic heart.


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