Immediate Loading Implants, Procedure and why it is preffered


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Dental implants have become quite popular in the West and also in other countries as well. Now older people who lose teeth on account of old age and those who are young on account of road accidents or bad oral hygiene, like to have all their teeth in order. Dental implants may be expensive in some cases, but provide a person with a smile that is attractive as all teeth are in place. Although some are expensive, others such as mini-dental implants are not all that expensive

When a tooth is lost, a person would like it to be replaced immediately. A gap could mean that for a while one would have to be without teeth. Naturally, one would prefer immediately loading types of implants. Traditional implants take about 3 to 6 months, but now one can go in for immediate loading implants such as mini-implants. The traditional implants could be fixed only after a period of time as the gums and bones around the teeth need to heal up after the extraction of the tooth.

Dentistry is now very sophisticated. Dentists have at their disposal facilities that make patients feel comfortable about the kind of surgery they have to undergo. Also, they have several kinds of options to choose from, for instance, there are several types of dental implants they can choose from. Immediate dental implants are also a good option to ensure that there is no gap during the removal teeth stage and the fixation of teeth period. These implants can be fixed within a day or two.

Procedure of Immediate Dental Implants Fixation

Dental implants can be fixed on the same day itself as the procedure of fixation is not all that complicated. A minimum amount is actually required and the implant has to be able to resist a force of about 40ncm. The temporary implant has to be fixed in a manner that it can withstand a certain amount of force. By fulfilling such criteria, the gums are able to develop again.

The successful placing of immediate dental implants would much depend upon the removal of teeth in a manner that there is not much bone loss. One fixes a thin instrument popularly known as peritome , which is used to separate the root from one’s bone. The sockets for these implants are then prepared with of course bone drills that are sized sequentially which are meant for the implant to be placed in proper place. The implant is then placed to see whether it can withstand pressure, in other words, it is test particular sizelity.

Once this is over, then immediate abutment is carried out and then the temporary crown is placed. This process is called Oesseo-integration. The dentists ensure a particular size of the implant and the bone surrounding the area is sufficient for the anchorage. An x-ray is carried out to ensure that the implant has been successfully placed. The time taken for the full process is about 15 to 20 minutes for 1 tooth and in about 30 days the permanent crown can definitely fixed.

Why immediate loading implants are preferred?
  • One need not wait for the implant. It is done rather quickly.
  • It is better than delayed implant.
  • The tissues around the bone and the gums do not shrink.
  • There are less complications involved in the procedure.

Patients like their dentures to be fixed immediately. The same applies to dental implants. More patients are going in for immediate loading implants.


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