Composition of Dental Implants


dental implant partsMissing teeth are replaced by dental implants so that the patients smile looks attractive and not hollow. Even for chewing purposes dental implants are very essential. As one grows older, one tends to lose out on one’s teeth. As a socially conscious person one would like to have his or her lost tooth or teeth replaced with dental implants. What is a dental implant one may ask? Naturally, as a patient who is likely to undergo dental surgery, you have every right to know what dental implants consist of. After all, it is your mouth as well as money that is being spent!

What is the composition of dental implants?

The dental implant is made up of smooth as well rough surface. The screw is designed in a manner that it is akin to tooth root. One can alter the surface of the dental implant by making use of techniques such as plasma spraying, anodizing as well as sand blasting. These techniques are meant to increase area of surface and to ensure the integration of the tissue of one’s bone.

What are the dental implants made up of?

These dental implants are usually made up of titanium that is of commercial gradation. The commercial titanium is of four grades, much depending upon the carbon as well as iron amounts present in it. Off late, grade 5 titanium has become quite popular for preparing dental implants. Dental implants can also be prepared from titanium alloys. The alloys that can be used are Titanium 6AL-4V which of course contain aluminum (6%), vanadium(4%), aluminum (6%).

As of today, most of the dental implants are made of commercially oriented titanium.

Current research in dental implants

Some aspects of the current research in dental oriented implantology focus is on the use of ceramic materials such as zirconia (Zr02) in the manufacturing of dental implants. Zirconia happens to be the dioxide form of zirconium, which is a metal that is rather close to titanium in a periodic table form and has bicompatibility properties as well. Although, Zirconias has cosmetic appeal, however long -term clinical data is required before one -piece type of ZrO2 implant is recommended.

Other parts of dental implant

Dental implants no doubt are made up of ceramics, titanium, Zirconia and titanium alloy, but there are other components which are equally important as far as dental implants are concerned. Let us have look at other essential parts of a dental implant:

  • The Screw: Usually, teeth have either parallel or tapered sides. The surface of these implants is usually covered by acid or rather sandblasted in order to create a rough surface that helps in the process of osseointegration of the bone. The healing process is there, and the osseointegration has also to be taken into consideration during such process as it involves the growth of the bone around the teeth implants.
  • The Crown: Before the prosthetic or crown is fabricated, the dentist prepares a cast in order to serve as a guide. Subsequently, the crown is then made by the ceramist in a dental laboratory. taking of course into consideration the color as well as shape of the natural teeth of the patient.
  • The Abutment: Prior to the prosthetic tooth and crown is fabricated, the cast is prepared of the teeth, which will serve as a guide. The crown is then prepared by a ceramist in the laboratory, after taking down details of the shape and color of the patient’s natural teeth.

Dental implants have their own specific features and have to be prepared keeping in mind these aspects, apart from the taste and choice of the patient.


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