Women Hair Cuts


Women Hair Cuts can be categorized under three sections. These are short haircuts, long haircuts and medium haircuts. Here is a detail description of the different women haircuts styles under these categories that will suit your face cut and give you just the right look.

Short haircuts
It does not suit everyone. Before opting for a short haircut there are few basic things you need to take into consideration, such as your face cut, the body built and even the condition of your hair, like whether it is curly or straight, thick or thin. Some of the latest short women haircuts styles are as follows:

Bob haircut: This is one of the latest women haircuts. It is about a chin length along the sides and cut a little shorter in the back to add a little bounce. If you have natural curls, bobs are not such a good idea as this would only give a triangular look.

Short Crop: This type of women haircuts allows different textures and styles to be applied. You can be sleek or tousled for an out of bed look with this hairstyle. Ideal for all kinds of facial shapes because the swept bang adds to facial framing.

Short Wild Cut: This women hairstyle is a little wild one ideal for angular jaw lines facial shapes. The sleek front with swept fringe gives a compliment to the wild tousled back of the hairstyle.

Long haircut
Long and Layered Cut: This type of women haircuts is a unique and sleek hairstyle with razor cut and uneven ends. The uneven part allows the hair to frame the facial area. This is ideal for straight hair and different types of the facial shapes.

Lengthy curls: This type of women haircuts spurs up curls, waves, and different textures. This haircut adds bounce and texture to the curls. For those without natural curls they can do so by adding different sized curls.

Medium Haircuts
This is a shoulder length cut or slightly lower or higher to your shoulder. This haircut with a slight layering can do wonders to your outlook.

Medium Shag: This is also one of the women haircuts with defined ends and the split front bangs slightly covering the face. This is a sleek and multi-layered cut. This is ideal for people with straight hair.

Medium Curly Hairstyle: This is one of the latest women haircuts for people with natural curls. As natural curls can be scrunched just a bit, it can produce a very nice look. People with tight curls and with the addition of a few bangs would have a nice touch from this cut.

Medium Curled-out bob: This is also similar to the above two hairstyles. The advantage of this type of hairstyle is that you can play with it. The length of this type of women haircuts is slightly above the shoulder with the bangs parted and sleek, while the ends are curled and tousled. The hair is layered and volume is added to the top to give the finishing touch to the style.

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