Split Ends


Split ends often cause a problem for many women and if left untreated they can develop into dry and brittle hair. Split ends are most often caused by over brushing or vigorous drying habits. Over brushing causes the hairs protective cuticle to be stripped away from the ends of the hair fibers and this can only mean disaster for any hair type.

Once you have split ends they cannot be repaired and the only solution is to have them cut away. In order to avoid having to have your locks cuts here are some tips that will provide a remedy for split ends.

  • Do not over brush your hair
  • Do not over style you hair; this includes the use of straighteners and hair dryers.
  • Have your hair trimmed on a regular basis – once every six weeks is recommended.
  • Learn about your hair type and buy products that are suited to it. If you hair is dry try to use a conditioning treatment once a week as this will help to restore natural moisture and strengthen your hair.
  • Use a brush that is suitable for your hair type. Many women make the mistake of using the wrong type of brush on their hair and this in turn can lead to split ends and pulling of the hair.
  • Try not to over do the blow drying or straightening. Both of these will dry out your hair and this is once of the major causes of split ends. If you intend on using either of these styling devices, make sure that you use the appropriate styling products to reduce the amount of damage you are causing.
  • Get advice from your hairstylist, often this is the best remedy for split ends.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can help combat split ends, but if you do have them, get them trimmed away and start afresh.

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