Short Hair Cuts


Hairstyles have been a part of beauty and fashion from ages immemorial. With changing fashion trends hair cuts and style shave also evolved manifold. Hair is an innate part of our appearance and the way we carry ourselves. A good hair cut gives that confidence which makes one stand out in a crowd. Short hair cuts have slowly taken up the principal position of popularity over longer styles due to the fast pace that we live in.

Though the long hair styles will always remain a classic favorite, short hair cuts are very much in vogue with the 21st century woman as they are flexible and extremely low maintenance when it comes to managing them. Short hair cuts are known to sassy and sexy and add a major boost to one’s confidence because of their modern and elegant look.

Choosing the right short hair cut is a responsibility that lies with both you and your stylist. The decision should be made after consideration of the face structure, hair quality, texture and the personality of the client. Short hair cuts suit oval or heart-shaped faces best. Short hair cuts can be spiked, scrunched or curled. They grow very fast so the style can be changed frequently.

For the modern day career woman, short hair cuts depict assertiveness, confidence, glamour and élan in their personalities. Short hair cuts suit both thick and not so thick hair. For those who have lesser growth a short hair cut can add volume to your hair and give a fuller look. For those who find the thickness unmanageable, short hair cuts can do away with unwanted hair and give you a regular manageable style.

Short hair cuts are low maintenance. No need for regular trimming or styling. You can easily get your stylist to give you some maintenance advice like which are the right products to use in terms of gels, waxes, creams and sprays. Make sure you know the right drying, combing and brushing details to maintain your perfect short hair cut.

The short hair cuts have endless styling possibilities:

  • The Short Black Hairstyle
  • Short curly hairstyles
  • The pixie style
  • Short crop haircuts
  • Short formal hairstyles
  • Bob Hairstyles
  • The feathered look.
  • The shave.
  • The bowl or basin cut.
  • The short flip

Short hair cuts in men –

  • Texturised Cut – It is a choppy cut and is done using the razor technique. This short hair cut usually suits longer faces and coarse hair.
  • Razor cut – This kind of short hair cut has a wispy razored look which is fashionable and very easy to manage.
  • Twisted Quiff – This is a very casual style meant for small round faces. They create a slightly wavy and uplifting style. However, this required occasional trimming to maintain the style.
  • Short tapper cut – This is cut with longer layers on top. This leaves longer side-burns. The back and the sides are stylized into shorter layers to frame the face.
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