Razor Hair Cuts


Razor hair cuts have a long history of their own. Razors were used in earlier days to create the bob hair style, a trend made famous by Louise Brooks. In addition to this, Japanese traditional hair razoring tools named nihindo have been used for ages. This style is not for everyone around. It demands proper personality and expertise handling.

Razor hair cuts are very stylish cuts. Razor hair cuts have grown in popularity as the long straight styles came back into fashion. They are simply excellent in giving hair a soft and dashing look. Razor hair cuts add texture and shaping to the hairs and provide smoothness to them.

Razor hair cuts are great for women as well as for men with straight to moderately wavy style. It goes along beautifully with people having soft personality and those who want softer looking hair style. Individuals who have tightly coiled hairs, curly hair and African-American hair types are not candidates of razor hair cuts. By having razor hair cuts they can get a frizzy look and nothing else.

Razor hair cuts can be used as a technique to create a hair cut, or simply as a technique to add softness and texture to hairs. However one should be careful that the person who will give a razor hair cut should be very experienced in this business. The blades used to cut razor hair cuts are very sharp and thus needs expert hands, just to avoid any kind of accident. There are many saloons here and there that offer razor hair cuts. But it is not advisable to go to a person who uses a guard to cut your hairs.

Razor hair cutting is used for many different reasons:

  • To blunt the ends of the hairs.
  • To thin the hairs.
  • To add more shape and texture to the hairs.

Most razor hair cuts look fantastic on men’s hairs, as they create a great textured look. But not all hair styles suit razor cutting. One should always be very careful while using razors on hairs. It is because if the razor is not used properly it may end up with a tightly curled look. Razor hair cuts can thin the hair very well. Razor hair cuts may suit to short and medium hair patterns; but it is a bad idea for those who have very long hairs.

Razor hair cuts require higher quality razor than an average one. The stylist gathers the individual’s hair, and razors the follicles at an angle, sliding it down the shaft. Hair cutting razor tools include the straight edge razor, the razor comb, and the razor shaper. So the razor hair cuts are always preferable but it should be done with proper care. With a proper cutting you can get a good, stylish and textured look.


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