Medium Hair Cuts


Hair is the most essential a part of one’s look. The way we cut, style and maintain our hair says a lot for who we are. Hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body and therefore needs a regular looking after to keep the style intact. Medium hair cuts denote the mid-length style which is neither short nor long. They are basically of shoulder length and need regular trimming to maintain the style.

Medium hair cuts can be easily made over into a formal hairstyle for a party in no time at all. All it needs is a simple weave, knot, or braid. Medium hair cuts are great for casual night outs as they can be easily pulled into a knot which makes one look and feel special without any elaborate effort.

In this fast paced life there is little time for elaborate coiffures while rushing to work. But it is imperative that one looks good. Medium hair cuts are great for working women as they can look good and professional without too much effort.

The most popular of all medium hair cuts is the classic bob cut. This can a one length cut which gives a straight and sleek look. It can also be a layered cut with increasing or decreasing fullness to accentuate a particular face.

Medium hair cuts are great solutions for naturally curly or bushy hair which tend to be frizzy and unruly. They will give the curls a wave and a bounce but clamp down on the overgrown frizziness at the same time. They are different from shorter styles which leave no room for a ponytail or a knot and tend to be monotonous. While long hair needs a lot of maintenance and shorter styles tend to be boring, medium hair cuts bring about most versatility in looks and features with their allowance for all kinds of styling.

Medium hair cuts can add great volume for the hair but it takes a good stylist to bring this about. A talented and experienced stylist would know his job and he can easily create straight, wavy or curly medium cuts depending on the face and personality. A simple fringe would go a long away to give you completely new look.

Some of the popular medium hair cuts are –

  • Top knots
  • French braids
  • Multiple thin braids
  • Curls
  • Knots with loose ringlets framing the face
  • Tresses held together simply with trendy barrettes

Medium hair cuts are easy to turn into easy formal hairstyles by simply wearing the hair up or down. You can get some easy managing tips from your stylist for different occasions. Medium hair cuts are easy to manage with gels and conditioners for controlling them and then styling them into an attractive hairdo.

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