How to Choose Nail Brushes for your Nail Art


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If you are starting out fresh as a nail art artist and you are not quite sure which nail brushes would possibly work best, and then you do not have to worry anymore. Here are a few simple tips that will make it easier to choose your nail brushes. However, you must know that although there are a few nail brushes available at the various art supply stores, there are special nail brushes available which are especially designed for nail art. Unlike the regular nail brushes, these brushes are much longer and thinner.

Tips for Choosing Nail Brush

Consider the following point while purchasing your nail brushes:

  • Firstly, decide on the particular brand of nail brushes that you would like to use in your nail salon. Most of the nail artists prefer sticking to a single brand, but you can also opt for mixing and matching different brands. A few nail brush brands are designed like pens, while the rest are designed in the shape of regular paintbrushes
  • Before you choose a nail brush, it is helpful to get a clear idea about the kind of design your client is interested in getting done. If your client wants different kinds of stripes, then you might want to choose striping brush or even a fan brush. The striping brushes are available in mini and regular sizes. So, depending on the size of the strip you can choose a brush
  • Use detail brushes to add intricate details to your nail art. These detailed brushes are available in regular shapes, mini shapes and angled shapes. The mini shaped brush is helpful if you need to paint really tiny details like the facial features, where the angled shape brushes are helpful when you are required to see the nail art from a particular distance
  • If there is limited space, you can choose for a double-sided nail brush. Although they occupy less space, they can be quite uncomfortable to hold. However, if you get used to it, two- brush- in-one is not a bad option
  • If you are purchasing your nail brushes at a general art supply store, choose nail brushes which are common-shaped. For instance, you can choose a rounded nail brush which will enable you to paint close to the cuticles

These basic tips will surely come in hand while choosing nail brushes for your nail art. The brush will determine the way the finished art looks, choose wisely.


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