Girl Hair Cuts


Hairstyle is something that must fit the lifestyle. Short hair cut really looks pretty and it ensures that a girl would be admired as much for her as for her personality. Specially, when we talk about Girl Hair Cuts, it must be taken into consideration that haircuts must match the lifestyle, personality as well as particular features to suit a person.

The major factor to consider while choosing a girl hair cuts style is the texture of the hair. For example, Wavy and Curly haircuts work well with simpler haircuts. Some hairstyles lend themselves easily to straight hair. The natural movement and the texture of the hair have also to be considered when choosing the right haircut. In determining ideal girl hair cuts, the face also plays an important role. Hairstyles can be used to draw attention to the best features of a person. What may look great on an oval shape may not be as flattering on a person with a long face.

Coming to the features of the different girl hair cuts, some interesting things follow:

Short hair cut:

  • Well-cut short hair emphasizes feminity, especially if chunky layers and soft cuts are included in the style.
  • Shorter hair looks thicker, glossier and healthier.
  • Easy to manage and looks become quite younger.

    Medium length haircut:

    • Also called as mid-length, in between hairstyles and shoulder length.
    • In this style the hair can be changed flexibly and it adds volume and movement in the hair.
    • There are various ways to make a mid-length bob beautiful hairstyle either straight, wavy or curly. Adding fringe to it is another feature that can change the dimension of your face.

    Long hair cut:

    • A versatile cut that is layered all around can be achieved by using some simple techniques. Razoring and slicing can be used around the perimeter on the long hairstyle to give definition.
    • A one-length solid cut looks good with long hairstyles, which is easy to put up or sleeked back into a ponytail.

    Curly haircuts:

    • This kind of haircut should always be layered.
    • Sometimes though there are chances of getting unruly but applying hair spray can smoothen it very easily.
    • If the hair is long and very curly, it can be straightened with a large round or paddle brush, some straightening balm and a blower.

    Layered haircuts:

    • It gives way to innovation and creativity where coloring is concerned because of varied layers it has.
    • Two styles can be followed in this type: one is to get entire hair layered, from the front that includes fringes and then going down to back. The other is to have the lower part layered so as not to have bangs or fringes.

    Summing up, these are the few factors about girl hair cuts, which should be followed while choosing one because it is not just a style when it comes to girl hair cuts, rather it develops beauty and presentation that reflects a girls’ personality.


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