Fake Eyelashes


Fake eyelashes have always signified glamor and now with just a ten simple steps your can add glamor to your life.

Step One
First off you will need to know what you are looking for. Do you want a full set, just little clumps for effect? A full set of eyelashes is great for that all important evening out whereas little clumps of fake eyelashes that are placed on the outside corners can help to give your eyes a subtle yet sophisticated look.

Step Two
Decide on the color of your fake eyelashes. Black is associated with evening wear, whilst for day time wear dark brown or light brown are more appropriate and give a more natural look.

Step Three
Look at the length of your fake eyelashes and trim them accordingly with a sharp scissors. They should follow the natural line of your own eyelashes if they are to look good.

Step Four
Cleanse your face thoroughly removing any traces of makeup.

Step Five
Take your fake eyelashes and apply a thin line of glue along the base. You should allow the glue to sit for at least one minute before moving on to step six.

Step Six
Whilst looking in the mirror apply your false eyelashes just above your own eyelashes. Try to get them as close to your own eyelash line as possible and follow its natural curve.

Step Seven
Look carefully at your newly applied false lashes and adjust them as needed with your fingertips.

Step Eight
This step is for those using false eyelash clumps. You need to place these on the outside corners of your upper eyelashes. Adjust their position accordingly.

Step Nine
Apply your eye makeup to finish your look.

Step Ten
Practice all of these steps a number of times before your big night out. This can be a very hard technique to master.

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