Curly Hair Cuts


Curly hair can be classy or they can be disastrous. They way you cut it and style your curly hair are the key to looking great. The right hair cut can be a simple way to give you a complete makeover. Different kinds of hair need different handling and curly hair definitely needs a professional touch to bring out the natural flair. An expert will give you the perfect curly hair cut to suit your facial structure and personality.

Very few are blessed with the gift of natural curls. These days it is easy to obtain heavy curls or soft curls and flaunt various types of curly hairstyles. But if you are endowed with natural curls then you need the right help to stylise them.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a curly hair cut that would compliment and accentuate your face. The right style would be successful in hiding the deficits of your face and highlight the best features. It is imperative that you keep in mind the texture, form and volume of the hair before the cut.

Popular curly hair cuts include long layers. They include long curls as well as short curls. For a softer look one can always opt for a mild shampoo or conditioner right after the curly hair cut. Curly hair tends to get unruly and frizzy quite often. You can easily manage these with a soft gel or balm.

Maintaining curly hair cut is easy. You don’t need to blow dry or use curlers to maintain your cut. A simple towel dry and allowing your hair to stand naturally will enhance your curly hair cut. If you have natural curls, then you don’t need to stylise. They will fall into the cut quite naturally. However, if you want to straighten it for any occasion then you can use a a flat iron to straighten your hair. You can also use gels to do so but there is always a chance that your perfect curly hair cut might get damaged in the process.

Some tips to maintain your curly hair cuts:

  • Mild shampoos, especially frizz control shampoos should be used to avoid damage along with conditioners containing rich moisturizers.
  • Warm hair dryers should be avoided as they make the hair frizzy instead of curly.
  • Cold blow dryer could be used to add shine to the hair.
  • After washing the hair, a towel should be used to dry the hair naturally.
  • Hair serum or gel should be used to protect the curls which also add shine and bounce to the hair.
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