Boys Hair Cut


Those days are gone when boy haircut was just for the sake of keeping their hair short and trimmed. Nowadays there are specialist hairdressers exclusively for boy’s haircut. Just like girls, boys too love experimenting with their hairstyles. Boys also love to get a stylish haircut, straightening, curling and even coloring their hairs. They always follow the latest fashion trend and try to get their hair styling done like their favorite stars and celebrities.

With the changing fashions styles, boys often change their hairstyles in order to look smart, classy and sophisticated. There are many boys haircut styles, which they like to avoid but some of them are very popular also. Following are some of the boy’s haircuts that are very popular these days:

Bald look: This is a very popular style and every star at some point in their career has adopted this style. It is necessary to suit it with your personality and look. Stars like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake and sports star like David Beckham made this style very popular among the boys.

Crew Cut: This boy haircut is one of the most popular and standard hairstyle. This boy haircut is usually sported by men is army. In this style the hair is cut very short, about one inch remains as its length.

Knots and Braids: This style is hot favorite of the African American men. They would divide the hair into many segments and then twist the segments into many braids all over the head. Thanks to celebrities like Denzil Washington and many others, who made knots and braids so popular.

Bangs or fringes: This is another popular boy’s haircut style. This hairstyle could be seen on millions of boys all over the world. This hairstyle was actually started in America and was sported by most of the pop stars. Stars like Nick Carter, Ashton Kutcher sported this style. In this style, the hair is made to fall over the forehead in layers. One needs to have thick lustrous hair to carry on this style.

Spike Cut: This is a very trendy boy’s haircut, first time displayed by British Soccer Pro David Beckham during the 2002 Soccer World Cup. And after that the whole world got crazy about that hairstyle. In this hairstyle the hairs are like two inches long kept erected with the help of hair gel or spray.

There are many more popular boy’s haircuts namely Cup cake cut, College cut, Caesar cut, Buzz cut, Butch cut Business man’s cut, hippy cut, mushroom cut, basket ball cut and so on.


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