10 Soothing Remedies for Dry Eyes


Dry Eyes

The eyes, some say, are the windows to your soul. But sometimes your eyes may feel gritty and scratchy. Normally each time you blink a thin film of tears cover your eyes. But in case of dry eyes condition you may feel like your eyes are being rubbed with sandpaper. Itchy, red and swollen eyes are the first symptoms which you observe when suffering from dry eyes.

You may also be bothered by burning sensation and blurred vision. Stringy mucus might form in your eyes and in case you wear contact lenses it might become unbearable. On the other hand you might find your eyes watery. This might sound to be strange dry eyes symptom but healthy tears consists of mucus and oil. Whereas continuous water does not contains oil and mucus hence unable to cling and coat your eyes properly. The watery tears evaporate quickly leaving your eyes unprotected and dry.

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It is seen that dry eyes is usually a temporary condition. To make your eyes moist and comfortable again you need to give your eyes good rest. Listed below are some soothing remedies for your dry eyes:

  • Avoid Environmental Irritants: It is better to avoid places with toxic fumes, smoke and other pollutants which can trouble your eyes. Till the condition persist it is better that you avoid applying eye make-up
  • Add Moisture: Dry air can worsen your condition. Hence you can use humidifier to add some moisture in the air at your home and office. During the dry eye condition it is better to drink excess water. While flying it better to drink more water as airplane cabins tend to have extra dry air
  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: It is observed that dry and itchy eyes tempt people to rub them often. But dry eyes are more susceptible to various infections hence it is better to keep your hands away from your eyes
  • Take a Break and Blink: Avoid doing continuous work like reading, using computer or other work. It is observed that while performing these tasks you are less likely to blink. Hence it is advisable to take breaks to blink your eyes while doing work
  • Protect Your Eyes from Exposure: Dry eyes tend to become sensitive towards bright light hence it is better to wear sunglasses when going out in sun. You can even wear swim or ski goggles or moisture chamber goggles as they prevent quick evaporation of moisture
  • Artificial Tears: For short term and occasional use you can try tearing substitutes. These artificial tears soothe and protect your eyes in the same way as your natural tears. Avoid regular usage of artificial tears as they may hamper your eye’s natural tear production. It is better to avoid products containing preservatives as it can worsen your condition. It is better to use ointments in place of liquid artificial tears
  • Be Careful with Contact Lenses: In case you use contact lenses then you need to be extra careful before using anything in your eyes. Though ointments and drops make your eyes comfortable but there are chances that they might mask a serious problem with the contact lenses. It is better to use rewetting solution designed especially for your brand of lenses
  • Eat Lot of Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes. The main source of Vitamin A is meat, dairy products and green leafy vegetables. You can get vitamin A through supplements
  • Monitor Your Medications: In case you are on medication then there are chances that it might result in dry eyes. Generally it is observed that diuretics, decongestants, general anesthetics, antimuscarinics, beta-adrenergic blockers and thiabendazole are main culprits. It is better to consult your doctor and ask him to change your medicine
  • Regular Check-ups: It is important to go for regular check-ups. In case the condition doesn’t improve then it is necessary to visit your doctor regularly. There could be possibility that you may have blocked tear duct or any damage which requires proper treatment by your ophthalmologist


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